Dr. Contact Lens Integrates CareCredit to Simplify Contact Lens Financing

Nov 27, 2023

We're excited to share some fantastic news with you! Dr. Contact Lens is always looking for ways to enhance both our customers' contact lens purchasing experience and the quality of eyecare provided by optometry practices. Today, we announce our latest leap forward: a new integration with CareCredit, a leader in patient financing options.


Impact on Your Practice and Patient Care


We recognize the challenges many face in managing the costs associated with eyecare. Our integration with CareCredit introduces flexible, patient-centric financing options to address this. It ensures that acquiring contact lenses is more financially accessible for patients, thus reducing the economic burden of eyecare.


Flexible Financing, Enhanced Patient Choices


With our CareCredit partnership, your practice can offer patients a variety of promotional financing plans. This flexibility allows for better management of expenses over time, appealing to a broader patient base. Moreover, the opportunity to utilize manufacturer rebates and vision plan benefits further enhances the economic viability of choosing quality lenses.


Encouraging Annual Supply for Long-Term Savings


One of the most significant advantages of our partnership with CareCredit is how it incentivizes patients to opt for an annual supply of contact lenses. This approach is not just about convenience; it's a wise financial decision for patients and practices. Let's take a look at why choosing an annual supply is always pref


For the Patients: More Savings, Less Hassle


Purchasing an annual supply of contact lenses often comes with substantial cost savings. These savings are further amplified by manufacturer rebates, which are typically more generous for larger purchases. By spreading the cost over time through CareCredit's flexible financing, patients can enjoy the benefits of bulk buying without the immediate financial burden. This means high-quality lenses become more accessible, and patients save money in the long run.


For the Practices: Streamlined Operations and Steady Revenue


When patients commit to an annual supply, it streamlines inventory management and reduces administrative tasks associated with more frequent purchases. This efficiency translates into cost savings for the practice. Furthermore, securing a year's supply sale upfront ensures a steady revenue flow and helps in financial planning and budgeting. It's a stable, predictable model that benefits the practice's bottom line.


Building Trust and Loyalty


Offering patients the option to finance an annual supply fosters a sense of trust and loyalty. Patients feel their needs and financial situations are understood and catered to, enhancing their overall satisfaction. This positive experience encourages repeat business and increases the likelihood of referrals, expanding the practice’s patient base.

In short, encouraging patients to purchase an annual supply of contact lenses benefits all involved. Our integration with CareCredit makes this option more attractive and feasible for patients, bringing financial and operational advantages to your practice. It’s a holistic approach that looks after the patient's financial well-being and the practice's efficiency.


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If you have inquiries about how this partnership can benefit your practice or if you're considering how to integrate Dr. Contact Lens with CareCredit into your services, we are here to assist. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you navigate these new options, maximizing the advantages of this partnership for your practice.


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