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Your patient data is already inputted. That means no waiting on a verification process. You can even easily submit your claim to your insurance provider. 


Order your contact lenses now, and they will be shipped immediately.


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4 Reasons to Order Your Contact Lenses with Dr. Contact Lens

Never Lose Your Prescription

After your visit, your eyecare provider loads your Rx. It’s there when you login to your account. We will even remind you when you’re due for a refill. No more hunting down your prescription. No more calling your doctor. No more hassle.

Skip the Verification Process

When you take your script to any other online contact lens store, your doctor must verify the order. Because the doctor uploads your script to Dr. Contact Lens, there is no more waiting for your prescription to be approved by your doctor. It’s simple. All you do is click.

Use Your Insurance Benefits

Dr. Contact Lens makes it easy for you to submit your contact lens claim to your insurance provider. Most online platforms don’t allow this. After you order, send your claim in one click to your vision insurance provider.


Often you need your contact lens orders immediately. Once you place your order, we send your contacts in 24 hours. They are shipped to your home. No more picking them up at the doctor’s office, when it’s inconvenient for you.

Order Your Contact Lenses Now!

Your eyecare provider already entered your script. It’s always on file.

All you have to do is click here for your contact lenses in 24 hours.

Faster than any other site.

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